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  • Michael Cavenay was scheduled for prostate surgery last week. The surgery itself went well but during his recovery some complications arose requiring further surgery. Michael is now doing well and on the road to recovery but would welcome our prayers for his ongoing healing. I suspect like all of us

  • Our last sunday at West Vancouver Presbyterian Church

    Hello I hope everybody has been enjoying this beautiful weather. I have been doing a lot outdoors I was in kelowna, tofino and hiking and swimming a lot, it has been a great summer so far. I lov seeing God in nature arund us. One of the last things I

  • Sower

    Sunday July 16, 2017 – Parable of the Sower

    Join us as we worship at West Van. Presbyterian Church (29th and Marine Drive) and explore a modern interpretation of the Parable of the Sower.

  • St. David’s eNews for July 4, 2017

    We are continuing our worship at West Van. Presbyterian Church this Sunday and for the rest of the Sundays of July.  The Presbyterian Congregation has given us such a warm welcome.  In August, the Presbyterians will join us in worship at St. David’s.  This is the second summer that we

  • thank you for another day

    Worship July 9, 2017

    Just a reminder that St. David’s is worshiping at West Van. Presbyterian church this Sunday and for the month of July.  Service time is 10:30 am In our sermons this month, we have been focusing on what Jesus said about being a disciple and how that impacts upon our lives

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    St. David’s eNews for June 21, 2017

    One of the things which we look forward to in summer is joining with our sister congregation, West Vancouver Presbyterian Church.  Last year we found this to be a tremendously enriching experience and so we are joining together for worship and pastoral care from this Sunday up to and including