St. David’s eNews for June 21, 2017

One of the things which we look forward to in summer is joining with our sister congregation, West Vancouver Presbyterian Church.  Last year we found this to be a tremendously enriching experience and so we are joining together for worship and pastoral care from this Sunday up to and including

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facebook live

Hey, we want to thank Vince for all of the work he has been doing for St. David’s social media.  Be sure to take a look at his facebook page:  Who is God?       You can see our worship services there. https://www.facebook.com/Who-is-god-1326692144059312/ click here https://www.facebook.com/Who-is-god-1326692144059312/

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This Sunday May 21, 2017

Come and join us as we celebrate the Victoria Day long weekend as a community of faith.  The theme of the service is “What’s Love Got to Do with It?”  Worship is at 10 am Sunday followed by a time of fellowship and refreshments in the upper lounge.

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