eNews for February 3, 2017

Come, Join us this Tuesday at 5:30  The First Tuesday of each Month Family Get-Togethers On Tuesday February 7th and each month, St. David’s will be hosting a FREE family get-together starting with crafts and story-time and followed by a short worship service and then dinner. Each get-together is planned

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eNews for January 27, 2017

Several years ago, when I was doing doctoral studies at the University of Toronto, one of my fellow classmates was doing a thesis on Sabbath.  In the Christian tradition, we knowSabbath as a command by God; basically, that humans are to work for six days, but on the seventh they

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eNews for January 13, 2017

I have a friend whose parents were lighthouse keepers on the West Coast of Vancouver Island.  She told me of being raised in isolation…of waiting each month for the helicopter to bring food supplies and books as she was an avid reader.  She talked about looking forward to the few

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