Harry Maier Sunday January 21

Harry Maier a well known theologian will be leading a discussion Sunday at St David’s at 1215pm January 21st and the following two Sundays

Here is his ideas on teaching

Good theology is always a matter of life and death. If it isn’t about that, it may be something else, but it is not good theology. What God offers the world is life and God’s teachers and theologians should be about God’s life in the world or find another job. That is where I begin. I’m passionate about bringing God’s word and the history of the people of God to life for the sake of the thriving of the church and world. I find engagement with students through lecture and classroom discussion as one of the most satisfying and life-giving aspects of my life. To see students come to life with new learning and insights is amongst the chief joys in my life. Since its start in 1970 VST has had a reputation for excellence and exacting standards in biblical studies. I am passionate about the Bible and humbled by the vocation of being a VST professor of New Testament studies that God has entrusted to me.


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    Looks like this will be great!

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