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Our last sunday at West Vancouver Presbyterian Church

Hello I hope everybody has been enjoying this beautiful weather. I have been doing a lot outdoors I was in kelowna, tofino and hiking and swimming a lot, it has been a great summer so far. I lov seeing God in nature arund us. One of the last things I discussed with Michael before he went on his break was putting together some testimonials we can put on our website, facebook etc. If anybody is interested in doing a testimonial about there relationship with christ please contact us either email or or I will put together a sign up sheet for anybody interested, we will make  appointments for a video session where we will tape you telling us about your relationship with God.  Well this sunday is our last sunday at West Vancouver Presbyterian Church then we come back to St Davids for the rest of the summer. I will put a video of this sunday online for anybody who can not make it. We have a youtube page now we are posting our video’s for people who are not on facebook if you google St Davids United Church youtube it shows up. 

Many blessings


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